100% Carbon Neutral BooQis




100% Carbon Neutral BooQi’s – Business communications for a better world.


BooQi Media Solutions greatly values humanity’s most important asset: the Earth. We have worked hard in the past few years to find ways to produce our BooQis in strict accordance to the FSC and PEFC regulations. With their support, BooQi is increasing our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.


The production of printed materials usually carries a high level of carbon emissions. By continuously adapting our process we have limited these emissions to an absolute minimum. Even if it’s impossible to reduce this number to zero, we’re proud to be able to provide you with the highest quality compact media solutions while producing the minimum amount of CO2 possible.


We can’t erase our carbon emissions, but together, we can compensate for them in other ways.
The process is simple: if you decide to participate in a carbon compensation plan, BooQi will calculate the exact amount of CO2 your BooQi generated in production. We will then compensate for the calculated amount by supporting environmental projects around the world that are dedicated to creating a cleaner Earth and reducing CO2 emissions.


Only the highest level of quality is good enough for your BooQi, and only the highest level of consideration is good enough for our environment, which is why we work with natureOffice to coordinate our CO2 compensation plans. Our partnership with natureOffice allows us to proudly and firmly say that our products are certified as 100% carbon neutral.


If you choose to participate in a compensation plan, your BooQis will be shipped with a unique reference number in addition to the carbon neutral logo. Using this number, your customers will be able to look up the green projects being supported by your BooQi, with a live read out of your carbon emissions.


Working on a better world together by reducing our Carbon Footprint without ever reducing our quality that’s our goal!