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95% preferred a BooQi to a traditional brochure.
81% kept and used their BooQi.
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‘The BooQi displays were and remain an ideal medium for our
on-site customer interaction and give our show an added value.’

Ms. Wolf, BKK vor Ort

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‘Through BooQi’s personalised, team-specific mailings, we were able to
playfully and engagingly inform our subscribers about Eredivisie Live’

Joris Wouters, Eredivisie Live

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‘Thanks to BooQi, large numbers of visitors to our city found their
way around; instilling a confident and positive feeling as the outcome!’

Moniek Siemons, City of Haarlem

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‘At every step in the process, from brainstorming to distribution,
BooQi Media Solutions provided us the best service possible.’

Frau J. Ehrich, Rhein-marathon Düsseldorf GmbH

Pre-designed BooQi templates: Our latest designs!
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