The BooQi is perfect for presenting maps clearly. Cartography is a magnificent art, but producing it – often with additional licensing costs – can be very expensive and time consuming. Because we believe that a successful BooQi campaign with a map should be available for any budget and timescale, we are launching BooQi Maps!
Our advanced geographical database and the latest cartography software enable us to produce any map you require. You can show the neighbourhood, points of interest, a walking or cycle route on an up-to-date map from BooQi Maps in a compact and user-friendly format!
Select your style from the three options shown below, select the required level of detail. Then provide us the coordinates, and we will create your very own BooQi Map!

  • Amsterdam
  • Antwerp
  • Barcelona
  • Brussels
  • Dublin
  • Dusseldorf
  • London
  • Paris
  • Zaltbommel