Bespoke BooQi type

You decide

Bespoke BooQi type

Do you require something out of the box?
Let us know what you desire and we build your BooQi together!

Why bespoke?

  • A sea of possibilities
  • Free to make your own choices
  • Most unique type of BooQi
  • We help you create

Beside the type of your BooQi, you are also free to decide about the cover format of your BooQi: choose for our most used cover formats – credit, pocket, postal or jumbo – or go for your bespoke cover format. To make your BooQi unique and the most effective, you can also make use of our customisation options for your bespoke BooQi type.

Ask us about the possibilities, we love to brainstorm together with you to make the BooQi you wish for!

Let’s build your BooQi together! Request a quote for your bespoke BooQi below.

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