Get your message across

How to get your BooQi to your audience

You now have the BooQis you desired. Time to think about how to get them to your audience. Have a look at our most frequently used channels and let us know if you have a different wish!


Eye catching presentation

From temporary to displays as permanent as furniture.
Board displays come pre-filled to save time. They can be replaced in seconds; your partners will be grateful!

Bringing your BooQis across in an eye-catching way increases their effect. Extra effective communication!


Doormat distinction

Deliver your message directly to your customers’ address or as door drop. Select one of our postal solutions, which all include a customised BooQi to make your marketing message really pop out of the mailer.
Research shows that the bulge from a BooQi in a mailing, increases attention from 48 to 81%.

*Source: PostNL

Bottle hanger

On pack promotion

When you keep your message close to the product, you communicate at the right time.

From cocktail recipes to festival calendars, from the guide for a perfect night out to fitness tips around a bottle of water. Your customers will thank you for it and keep you close when the big day, or night, comes.

Looking for an in-pack solution? Give us the specifications and we find a solution!


Event communication optima forma

Our lanyard solutions allow greater retention amongst participants and visitors. Whether it’s on a tradeshow floor, a sports event or at a tourist destination, the user friendly, durable lanyard solution keeps your message secure and in sight. By adding a helpful map or event guide, it is your customers’ best friend, whatever their adventure might be.

Magazine distribution

Trigger curiosity

Segmentation by adding your message to the right magazine target group. The bulge will create attraction and the BooQi fortifies your main message. Add content that recipients want to keep, like a vitamin guide or winter car checklist. By cooperating directly with publishers, the process will run smooth and our integrated magazine tip-ons and tip-ins will be eye-catching and memorable.

Promotion team

A personal touch

Maximise your attendance at trade shows, conferences or local shopping mall and turn any social event into a platform for your message.

There’s nothing like a human face to get your message across. Our promotion teams are energetic and professional and use clever tools to hand out as many BooQis as possible. Put a smile behind every engagement and watch your retention rates soar.


You decide

Much more is possible, beyond our standard options.
Share your wishes and together we look at the possibilities!