Steal the show with your BooQi design

Looking for a design?

The design and content of your BooQi plays an important role. Not that creative or no time to design your BooQi? Let our professional inhouse designers do the work. They love to help!

Why choose for our Design Studio to design your BooQi?


Specialised in BooQi designs

Attractive rate

Quickly finished

Do you have your own designers? No problem! Save time by requesting your design template below.

Option 1: Your total design package

Let our studio design your BooQi, based on your text and high-resolution images. We include two correction rounds.
Simply follow the 3 steps below.

Step 1

Choose the type of BooQi that meets your needs the best.

Step 2

Select the text and images for your BooQi.

Step 3

Send this information to us and you will receive the first draft within three days!

Option 2: Kickstart your own design process

Request a free empty template here.