Why BooQi?

What’s in it for you

The solution

The BooQi is an effective and compact marketing tool. It is easy to use: Unfolded you benefit from a large communication space, folded it is so compact that it fits in your pocket. Thanks to its protective covers, BooQi creates an association with value that makes people keep it for the long term, making it an impactful carrier for important messages.

BooQi Media Solutions

As an international, ambitious and dynamic marketing agency, we help you with your marketing related challenges. BooQi Media Solutions is specialised in effective physical communication tools that are designed to be kept on person. For 10 years (and counting), our people have a passion in helping a wide range of organisations to achieve their goals. Together with our clients we create goal achieving campaigns from A to Z: from concept and design, to distribution. ​Our production facility offers the highest quality products and the flexibility we need to please all your requests. ​

What’s in it for you?

In your quest to find the most effective way to get your message across, BooQi is your solution. Research shows it offers added value, compared to traditional physical marketing tools:


Kept and used their BooQi


Associated the quality of BooQi with overall brand quality


Prefers a BooQi over traditional media


Found BooQi pleasurable to use

This results in an increased Return On Investment, you get value for money.
How? Any BooQi campaign has business model potential. By making the response you get measurable, you calculate your ROI.
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