The process

Adding value

Together we get you closer to your goals

By choosing BooQi, you follow our vision: delivering effective and superior quality marketing campaigns that:

  • Recipients use and keep
  • Clients exceed their goals with
  • Employees are proud of, and
  • Marketing experts get inspired with

Together we get you closer to your goals.

Let’s start with listening: share your challenges with us. When applicable, we replicate successes from over 10 years of working with international partners. Together we create your BooQi campaign step by step.

Once the campaign is set out, it’s time to create your BooQi.

Do you need help with designing? Our design studio and cartography department know how to best use BooQis features to make the most out of your design. Our in-house production facility makes sure your BooQis will be produced in the best quality, for the best result.

The design process

Step 1

Based on your input, we make a free design draft for you (no obligations).

Step 2

How many BooQis do you need? Our calculator helps.

Step 3

Happy with the design? Time to start production!

Do you have your own design facilities? Request your blank template here, to start from scratch!