An informative BooQi for Advil

Not every pain is the same. That’s why advice from a chemist or pharmacist is indispensable when choosing the right painkiller. However, if a customer is at home, at work or on the road, that expert advice might be unavailable. In order to give them a physical marketing solution, we worked with Advil to create the PainCoach, an informative BooQi that let customers know which Advil pain reliever was the best choice for their specific kind of pain.

The PainCoach was distributed to a wide range of drugstores as hand-outs and in-store displays, allowing the consumer a chance to grab a free piece of consultation that they could refer back to at any time.


The Advil-BooQi aided in making the Advil Portfolio much clearer, both for the consumer and the pharmacist. There now is a better understanding which painkiller to advise or take when referring to a certain pain. The customised displays for the BooQi’s look representative and support employees at pharmacies in easily providing customers with information.

Pfizer – Advil

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